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Battery monitors and programing

Various battery powered devices for monitoring communicate among other things the state of the inserted battery. The battery status can be clearly shown and / or actively monitored. For devices without their own battery status, you have to “retrofit” them. With the help of some programs, an overview of all devices with “battery” -Reading can be created. To detect failures at an early stage, you can be notified by e-mail as soon as a battery message is sent with something other than “ok” (e.g., “low”). In addition, the code creates an entry in the logfile. Caution: For users of a HM-CC-RT-DN the code has to look different because this thermostat sends the current voltage value of the battery for the first time. FB mail requires the installation on a FritzBox. For other hardware / OS platforms, the procedure is diffferent. Testing can be done e.g. With trigger heating the battery.…